Thursday, December 1 st
Friday, December 2 nd



At the ICMCB amphitheater (Pessac)


9h00 Jean-René HAMON (Rennes, France)



9h05 Marie-Hélène DELVILLE (Pessac, France)

«Grafted Metal Oxide Nanoparticles: Cellular Imaging Tool”


9h20 Eric CLOUTET (Pessac, France)

« Organic Polymer Materials for Flexible Organic Electronics"


9h35 Sylvain GATARD (Reims, France)

«Amphiphilic Dendrimers for Catalysis»


9h50 Valérie MARVAUD (Paris 6, France)

«Photo-switchable High-Spin Molecules»


10h05 Dominique MANDON (Strasbourg, France)

«Non-Heme Fe II Complexes for Reductive Activation of O2»


10h25 Agnès LABANDE (Toulouse, France)

« Electroactive NHC Ligands for Catalysis»


10h45 Coffee Break


11h15 Jean-Luc FILLAUT (Rennes, France)

«Metal-Acetylide Complexes for Optical Detection»


11h35 Werner THIEL (Kaiserslautern, Germany)

«The Dibenzo[c,g]Fluorene Ligand »


12h00 Carmen M. CASADO (Madrid, Spain)

« Redox-active Dendrimers: Electrochemical Biosensors»


12h25 Holger BUTENSCHOEN (Hannover, Germany)

«Ferrocene: Still Going Strong»


12h55 End


At the ICMCB amphitheater (Pessac)


14h00 Jean-Yves SAILLARD (Rennes, France)

«DFT Investigations of  Cu I and Ag I Clusters»


14h30 François VARRET (Versailles, France)

«Spin Transitions: Optical Microscopy»


15h00 Azzedine BOUSSEKSOU (Toulouse, France)

«Devices Based on Fe(II) Spin Cross-Overs»


15h30 Jennifer C. GREEN (Oxford, UK)

«Electronic Structure and Reactivity of f-Block Compounds»


16h00 Coffee Break


16h30 Christiane PERRIN (Rennes, France)

«Transition Metal Clusters as Precursors for Hybrid Materials»


17h00 Gerard van KOTEN (Utrecht, the Netherlands)

«Homogeneous Metal Catalysts on a Support»


17h30 Helmut WERNER (Würzburg, Germany)

«A Historical Landmark: the Sandwich Complexes»


18h00 End


At the Henri POINCARE amphitheater (Talence)


18h30 Henri B. KAGAN (Orsay, France)

«The Origin of the Optical Activity on Earth »


19h15 End


At the ICMCB amphitheater (Pessac)


8h30 Ernesto de JESUS (Alcalá de Henares, Spain)

«Greener Pd-Catalyzed C-C Coupling Processes»


9h00 Michael J. McGLINCHEY (Dublin, Ireland)

«Crowded Organometallic Molecular Brake»


9h30 Coffee Break


10h00 Alan H. COWLEY (Austin, Texas, USA)

«New Redox-Active Polymers»


10h30 Herbert W. ROESKY (Götingen, Germany)

«Surprising Silicon Chemistry-a Sister of Carbon»


11h00 George R. NEWKOME (Akron, Ohio, USA)

«Macrosupramolecular Assemblies» 


11h30 End


At the AGORA amphitheater (Haut Carré, Talence)


13h00 Jean-Pierre SAUVAGE (Strasbourg, France)

«From Chemical Topology to Molecular Machines»


13h40 Presentation of the NJC issue to Didier ASTRUC


13h45 Discussion with Yves CHAUVIN (IFP, Rueil-Mamaison): Questions by students



15h00 Hiroshi NISHIHARA (Tokyo, Japan)

«Molecular Electronics in Nanoscience»


15h30 Conclusion


16h00 End